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5 Questions to Consider Before an Office Redesign

5 Questions to Consider Before an Office Redesign

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An office redesign is an investment that can have tremendous returns for your business. Not only can a new look and space improve your brand recognition, but an efficiently designed office can increase employee retention, improve their mental and physical health, and according to a Lifehack report, increase their productivity by about 20%. Before tearing down any walls however, it’s important to ask a few questions to determine your direction and which changes will be most effective.

1. How can we make the best first impression?

It’s important that the entry and reception areas of your business are comfortable and inviting, because they are “the first impression someone is going to have of the company,” says Tom Polucci, senior principal and director of interior design for HOK in NYC. Designs that allow natural light to fill an area can instill a sense of warmth, as can keeping artificial lighting soft and indirect. Considering color choices is also an important tip for office redesign, as it will play a subconscious role in the impression your customers develop. Looking for luxe? Creams and beiges will feel sophisticated. Hoping to impart honesty and loyalty? True blues rule.

2. How can our office speak for our company?

According to a Psychological Science study, it takes people 1/10th of a second to form an impression of a stranger, so it’s not a leap to believe that your customers have been judging the image and character of your business since they walked in. An effective office redesign can easily help you communicate the integrity of your corporate mission, and also the supportive, inclusive culture you offer happy, fulfilled employees. How can a new design reflect your focus and purpose?

3. How can we anticipate growth?

An important tip for office design is to implement changes with an eye to the future. In the words of the great Benjamin Franklin, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” and holding space in your office for anticipated growth gives you room to add employees or services and maintains the flexibility needed to meet your evolving needs. Tables and desks on wheels and modular furnishings can be moved to quickly reconfigure work and social areas, and larger, undefined spaces can be used as conference rooms or for collaborative efforts.

4. How can we offer room for collaboration and relaxation?

An evolving workforce brings with it expectations of a growth-minded workplace culture, and gone are the days of cramped, poorly-lit meeting rooms and quickie meals at your desk for lunch. Providing employees with spaces for creative collaboration results in better ideas and boosted morale, and encouraging improved work/life balance by countering productivity with time and space to socialize and congregate results in happier, more motivated staff. What returns can your office redesign provide your employees and your business?

5. How can we exercise sustainability?

Thinking in terms of “green” is definitely the new “black” when it comes to office redesign. Every design consideration is an opportunity to exercise sustainability, from the use of sustainably harvested wood and carpeting made of recycled content, to mechanical and electrical implementations that reduce consumption, your new space can come with a minimized footprint and a maximized return. Many “green” options can now be added at no additional cost, and those that do require an investment will easily pay for themselves in a few years time with reduced energy costs.

Need Answers to Your Office Redesign Questions?

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