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5 Things for an Efficient Home Office

5 Things for an Efficient Home Office

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Fully half of the American workforce (50%) is made up of people whose roles could be performed fully or in part from a remote location, according to Global Workplace Analytics. Many of those whose jobs lend themselves to telecommuting (20-25% of all employees) actually do work at a distance at least part of the time. While working from home is on the rise, the degree to which you are efficient will vary from person to person. To avoid losing time when you are at home, here are a few things that will help:

1.) Lights

If you want to save your time and be efficient, you need to make sure your office is properly illuminated, for your eyes but also so that you do not have to squint – and to avoid spills and general disorganization. Natural daylight is powerful, so open those blinds. During the day, you will be able to absorb quite a bit of white light. Natural light is crucial to health and productivity, as indicated by numerous scientific studies. (For instance, a 2014 study from Northwestern University found that the average worker who had access to daily sunlight slept an extra 46 minutes at night, thereby improving their performance.) To get the light at a level that will work best, it is also often a good idea to invest in general and task lighting.

2.) A chair that is not one-size-fits-all

You want to have a chair that is comfortable but also that you can adjust to best suit your body and changing posture. Adjustability and ergonomic properties are generally key elements for a home office, so make sure that your chair is designed both for adaptability and generally for structural health.

3.) A desk that you can adjust

You should also be able to adapt the desk for your use in order to be efficient. If you are able to adjust the height of your desk so that you can sit or stand, that will make it much easier to stay focused and productive, moving quickly from task to task.

4.) File cabinet

Depending how much you have in the way of paper, you will also need someplace to organize those hard copies for easy access. The simple solution is a traditional file cabinet.

5.) Supply storage

Breaks are critical to good health, but it is important to keep yourself in your office for the stints of time when you are working: simply “staying put” is central to efficiency. It is easy to not be able to find a pen or to run out of ink for your printer, and for that outage to be an opening for distraction and procrastination. If there is sufficient storage for office supplies set up within the room itself, that will keep you in your work environment.

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