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Activity Spaces Designed for Senior Care

Activity Spaces Designed for Senior Care

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With the baby boomer generation either moving into senior living facilities or starting to plan for it in the near future, it’s time for senior care professionals to think about what this generation wants from their senior communities. This group of seniors is interested in a wide variety of activities and amenities that more closely resemble hotel or resort amenities than those of a nursing home or assisted living facility. These sophisticated seniors don’t want their living space to resemble an outdated institution, and they want to make use of the latest technology. Because of this, spacial design is going to be more important than ever to the successful senior care community of the near future.

Large Common Rooms

A large common room that can be slightly altered to accommodate many types of activities will work for both casual socializing and special events, growing with the changing needs of the facility from one season to another. Furniture groupings can include lounging chairs and small tables arranged in multiple intimate settings that encourage unplanned interactions between residents. Other areas of the space can be left open to allow for special planned activities such as demonstration based classes, technology instruction, wellness programs or holiday parties. Just like a great room or living room in a home can be used for many types of interaction, so can these common activity spaces.

Specialized Activity Spaces

Unlike the more flexible common activity space, specialized activity spaces serve a fixed purpose. Very large senior care facilities may consider dividing their space into neighborhood like sections and including at least one or two specialized spaces in each. This could be a library, computer room, technology room, movie theater, exercise room, spa, or yoga and meditation room. Smaller senior living communities may want to incorporate one or two of these rooms such as an exercise room that can also be used for yoga and meditation, or library that is also equipped with computers.

Are you looking to upgrade senior living activity spaces? Beaux-Arts Group understands space and can provide you with furniture solutions that will meet the special needs of senior care communities.

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