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Beautiful Office Décor & Furniture Ideas

Beautiful Office Décor & Furniture Ideas

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The consequences of a beautified office interior are far-reaching. The way your office looks and feels will make a lasting impression on customers and partners. A 2014 Survey by ClickFox  found that 3 out of every 5 consumers determine their perspectives toward products and services based on first impressions. Furthermore, the top factor driving brand loyalty wasn't customer service (27%) but the general image and perceived quality of the brand (35%).

The space planning and office furniture decisions your organization makes will not just help to develop and deliver your image to guests, though. They serve as a major influence on employee satisfaction as well. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) studied almost 500 employees to determine stress levels related to various office environments, revealing a broad disparity from one type of design to another (e.g., 12% reported stress for a small open plan – with less than 10 people per room – versus 35% for a combi-office).

One other compelling revelation from the data is that women and men are affected differently by an office interior. The effect of environment on female stress levels could, in fact, be described as staggering: while the various office designs only generated 13% stress differences among men (10% small open plan versus 23% combi-office), women experienced a 41% environmental stress impact (13% small open plan versus 54% combi-office). In other words, your design will influence the mood of all employees, but it's especially critical for female staff.

Here are three general office décor ideas from AllBusiness.com that will make your office more welcoming, vibrant, and healthy for all involved:

1. 10,000-foot view

Especially with regard to customers and other visitors, it's helpful to critically analyze the statement your office design is making about your business. Are the values of your organization's mission – perhaps efficiency, robust activity, and/or diversity – conveyed by the layout and component parts of your physical setup?

2. A diverse palette

Seriousness and practicality can be conveyed well by neutral colors – black, white, brown, beige, etc. – for law firms, medical offices, and banks. Brighter, bolder colors can be great, though, for just about any business to express creativity and personality. Three basic tips:

  • Don't keep the same paint as the old tenants – alter to fit your situation;
  • Incorporate branding and your logo into the color scheme of your walls; and
  • Consider the psychological impact of various colors.

3. Your company's backbone

Office furniture and design isn't just about the psychological effect but the physical effect as well. Ergonomic design, particularly with employee chairs and desks, can alleviate eyestrain, repetitive strain disorders, and lower back pain (LBP). LBP is especially detrimental to business: the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) reports that it is experienced by 31 million Americans and is the leading global cause of disability.

Implementing office décor ideas

Based on the statistics in the introduction, office design is incredibly important for employee morale and your brand's image. The three suggestions related to conveyance of value, color, and health can initiate a design roadmap. Beaux Arts Group, with our solid background in architecture and interior design, can help your company develop specific goals and guide you through successful implementation.

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