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Bold Colors Create a Peppy Workplace

Bold Colors Create a Peppy Workplace

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If you want to change the mood in your office or workplace, can it be as easy as changing the colors? Some experts say yes, and if you are looking to pep up the mood in your office, bold colors are the way to go. Here are some color ideas for paint, furniture and accessories that you can incorporate into your design for an office space pick-me-up.

Bright Colors

Painting an accent wall is an easy way to change the mood in a space. Using small amounts of red or orange on an accent wall or in accent pieces such as chairs, cushions, or other accessories can give your office an energetic feel without being overwhelming. Just be careful not to go overboard with these colors, creating a mood that can go beyond energetic to stress. These colors may be most useful in spaces that are not used for producing work such as hallways or break rooms.

Happy Colors

The color yellow is known as a happy mood enhancer. It is said to create feelings of well being, self esteem, happiness and decreased boredom. Again, you want to be careful not to overuse this color as too much of a bright yellow color, or any bright color, can be disturbing. Instead, use softer shades of yellow or use yellow as an accent color in furniture or other fixtures. It helps to offset brighter colors with colors that are more subdued.

The Colors of Nature

The colors of nature such as blues and greens can be used to create a calming feeling to offset the more bold, energy inspiring colors. While you want to create a mood that inspires energy and productivity, you don’t want your employees to feel too over stimulated. As with most things, balance is the key here. Creating too much stark contrast between colors can cause a strain on the eyes. If you want to learn more about color theory and how you can implement this in your office for the best results, contact Beaux Arts Group for more information.
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