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Brand Focus: Krug

Brand Focus: Krug

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Krug is one of the most prominent names in office and healthcare furniture. Let’s look at the company’s mission, ways it has differentiated itself over more than 100 years, and the company’s environmental focus.

Mission: aesthetics & diversity

Krug is one of the top designers and manufacturers of healthcare and office furniture solutions. A primary point of the company’s mission is the concept of aesthetic value. To achieve that end, Krug implements a design process that is customer-centric and dynamic. Another major aspect of its mission is diversity of products, which is essentially limitless. Products are customized for the specific needs of designers, architects, and distributors, then delivered faster than the industry standard.

Differentiation founded on 136 years in business

Today, Krug is one of the fastest-growing firms in the office and healthcare furniture industry, with 500 staff members and 750,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Although the company is still on the rise, it has actually been in business since 1880.

Krug differentiates itself from competitors through a ceaseless innovative approach and a commitment to the utmost aesthetic value. “We use a research-based, customer-centered product development process, along with some of the best design minds anywhere,” explains the firm’s website, “to give our customers award-winning product solutions that are truly an advancement from the status quo.”

Furthermore, the company aims to outdo the production capabilities of other manufacturers by blending cutting-edge systems with principles of artisanal craftsmanship that have been part of its identity since the 19th century.

Environmental commitment

Another way in which Krug aims to stand out in the world of office and healthcare furniture is as an environmental steward. Among other efforts, the company has earned Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification and Forest Stewardship Council Certification.

The company understands that building sustainable principles into everything it does helps to preserve natural resources for the decades and centuries ahead. “Our extensive use of carefully chosen wood materials, our EnduraGuard™ finish, and our selections of superior hardware have all contributed to the quality of our products,” notes the company site.

Examples pieces of the company’s environmental policy are:
  • Recycling and minimizing waste;
  • Preventing pollution via sound business practices and guiding end-of-life use to decrease the amount of landfill waste;
  • Embracing life-cycle consideration for all sustainability efforts; and
  • Setting aside funds to properly manage environmental initiatives.

Expertise in Krug furniture recommendations

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