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Bold and Beautiful: Chocolate-Stained Office Furniture

Bold and Beautiful: Chocolate-Stained Office Furniture

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In recent years, chocolate-stained office furniture has become increasingly popular. Although the rich brown may be appealing, the next concern is choosing colors to complement it.

Luckily, chocolate-brown commercial furniture works acceptably well with any other color. That’s because it has a little bit of everything in it, explains Canadian art teacher Elizabeth Reoch. It is a tertiary color, meaning that it is made up of a combination of primary (red, yellow, blue) and secondary (orange, green, purple) hues.

In other words, chocolate is a neutral color, so it’s really difficult to go wrong. Nonetheless, it’s helpful to consider how best to pair it so that your space looks professional yet impressive.

Don’t obsess over matching

You may think that clashing is the worst sin you could possibly commit when designing interiors. Actually, you don’t want everything to match perfectly. Kristin Hohenadel of interior design magazine Lonny says that too much agreement between shades will make your space appear less modern.

“To ensure that your room looks put together but not contrived,” argues Hohenadel, “choose fabrics and finishes in the same color family if you prefer, but don’t match.”

White & blue

Interior designers often recommend a workspace environment that offers some of the same look and feel as a home environment. What can you blend with chocolate to optimize comfort?

“It's important to note that brown will always be enhanced when contrasted with crisp white,” suggest Kate Riley of Better Homes and Gardens.

In fact, the darker the chocolate finish, the more helpful it is to use white so you can brighten up the room. You want the chocolate to be a highlight rather than an overpowering theme, says Riley.

Riley also recommends blue, since its cool shade helps to balance out the warmth of chocolate-stained pieces. Adding in a touch of rich blue can update a workspace environment that might otherwise feel dated.

Pink & green

Buffy Naillon of eHow notes that color psychology points to strong chocolate color combinations. Chocolate brown in office furniture will tend to make us feel more grounded, while pink promotes tranquility.

Naillon also recommends green to harmonize with chocolate in your workspace environment. Keep in mind there is a particularly easy way to add green – with plants, which have been shown in studies to reduce stress while enhancing productivity and creativity.

A fluid approach to commercial furniture & design

As you see above, you can go just about any direction when deciding what to pair with chocolate-stained furniture. If you want expertise specific to your needs, Beaux-Arts Group can help. Created by architects, our integrated approach to furnishings creates a productive synergy between the building and the areas within.
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