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Designing Private Quarters for Assisted and Senior Living

Designing Private Quarters for Assisted and Senior Living

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It’s time to rethink the typical approach to residential senior care facility design in order to keep up with the changing needs of modern seniors. With this new generation moving to senior living and assisted living facilities, we find more active, tech savvy seniors who want their residential care facilities to go beyond functional. Assisted living requirements of seniors are changing, and design spaces need to keep up.

Modern Conveniences

A Pew Research Center survey says that for the first time, over half of seniors age 65 and over are using the internet and own cell phones, and for most of those seniors, it is an important part of their everyday lives. These modern seniors know this is a great way to connect with loved ones, and they will find this connection more important than ever as they move from their home to a senior care facility. These seniors want to integrate the modern conveniences and technology they have come to rely on, into their private residential senior living rooms.

  • Use tablets or iPads for personal game playing.
  • Large flat screen TVs allow for better viewing of videos and community games.
  • Provide wireless internet connection for easy access to Skype and social media connections.

Comforts of Home

While providing modern technological conveniences, don’t forget to include the comforts of home for a smooth transition to an assisted living facility. If the senior in your life already has a favorite computer, phone, television or video-calling app, have them continue to use it. You can integrate new modern conveniences with some of their old, favorite standbys. It’s also important to make sure new furnishings are a good fit for a residential senior living space, as it is probably smaller than what seniors are moving from, but it’s ok (and advisable) to try to integrate some of your senior’s favorite items into the new space. Make use of their favorite easy chair, throw pillows, blankets and other comfort items from home.

Organization and Storage

In a smaller residential senior living setting organization and storage is key for both safety and functionality of the space.

  • Keep walking paths clear and decluttered for walking and visibility.
  • Choose double use furniture like an ottoman that doubles as storage or a table.
  • Use cord and cable organizers for both safety and aesthetic purposes.

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