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Usher in The New Season and The New Year with Essential Design Elements for 2017

Usher in The New Season and The New Year with Essential Design Elements for 2017

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Creating an attractive, efficient office space in 2017 could be the company resolution that provides the biggest return in the new year. Improving employee contentment in the workplace is one of the best ways to increase productivity in your business, but a complete redesign isn’t the only way to achieve smarter, more satisfactory use of your space. The following office design and winter color trends can help you provide an adaptable workplace environment that will ease you through the changes coming in 2017.

Smarter Spaces

Companies can drive innovation by offering work space choices to their staff. Not only will a balanced, well-designed office have areas for collaboration and conferencing, it will also have space for privacy and individual focus. A recent Gensler Survey concluded that providing a variety of settings for “employees to personally align tasks and spaces” improves workplace performance, and the development of areas that can easily adapt to suit changing requirements will continue to be an office design trend in 2017.

More Flexible Furnishings

Designing with the future in mind will help you to make smart choices about furnishings that will meet the evolving needs of your business. With constant changes in technology and workforce dynamic, utilizing well-designed office furniture with the flexibility needed for different work styles, tasks, and options for rest and relaxation will not only see form executed with sophistication, but function employed with efficiency.

Warmer Interiors

The neutral greige and white hues that are currently popular aren’t completely off the menu, but the winter color trends of 2017 will continue into the new year and will welcome the warmth that’s been missing in the accents. Colors like terracotta, deep greens, and even taupe will replace the cooler navy and midnight blues of 2016, and will look rich, polished, and comfortable paired with aged brass and wood tones.

Natural Finishes

Natural finishes like cork could be making a surprising comeback. Not only is cork a sustainable product, it is easily renewable and recyclable, and has many uses in an office space. As flooring it is incredibly durable, and as a wall covering it will work for display and organization, adding warmth and texture to a space, and is also ideal for absorbing noise in increasingly larger, open floor plans. Other naturally derived products like bamboo and wood will also be part of the office design trends of 2017.

Bringing the Outdoors In

A popular office design trend that creates healthier and happier employees is that of bringing the outdoors in, with lots of natural lighting and earthy elements. Many employees spend at least 8-10 hours in a workplace daily, so it’s no wonder that a report commissioned by Interface found a 13% higher level of well-being and 8% more productivity overall in employees whose workspaces had incorporated elements like small waterfalls, fish tanks, atriums, outdoor grounds, natural materials like wood or bamboo and “living walls” and plants to improve air quality. These all add up to a positive, refreshing work environment that will benefit both employees and your business.

In Need of Design With an Eye To the Future?

Usher in a more cohesive, productive new year with Beaux-Arts Group, where we understand intelligently designed and well-implemented space and its impact on workplace satisfaction and productivity. Call us today to learn how dynamic, superior products and innovative thinking can address the evolving needs of your business.
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