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Essential Design Elements of a Successful Co-Working Space

Essential Design Elements of a Successful Co-Working Space

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Let’s look at the rise of co-working spaces. We will also touch on common design considerations such as furniture and style.

Co-working spaces becoming popular

With the rise of technology, especially mobile devices and cloud computing, the workplace has become much more fluid. Many people are no longer as attached to a single location. When people think of on-the-job mobility, we often think specifically of employees. However, one-third of workers in 2016 are freelance or independent, and that population is expected to grow to 40% of jobs by 2020, according to the 2020 Intuit report.

A rising practice called coworking will be a big part of the developing workplace culture. If you are unfamiliar with this trend, TechTarget describes it as “a business services provision model that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in shared office space.”

Tips on the right furniture

Remember that coworking is growing astronomically, but people want a better experience thant what they have at home. That starts with premium, thoughtful furniture.

When you think about chairs, you want to at least have nice, comfortable, ergonomically adjustable desk chairs. Actually, though, it’s a good idea to look into standing desks, notes Everything Coworking. That’s become especially important following reports from major outlets such as CNN that prolonged sitting takes years off your life. Having standing desks will make you look up-to-date and health-conscious.

Style advice

Remember that your customers want to work someplace that’s inviting, so don’t think that style is extraneous to the goals of the business. “In terms of decorating and styling, fix no boundaries, but keep in mind the coworking center needs to be luminous, airy and relaxing,” explains CoWork.io. “The presence of ornamental plants has a very positive effect on those who take care of them, so why not [put] some in your coworking center?”

Thoughts on layout diversity

You want different types of spaces so that people can effectively complete different types of activities, advises Everything Coworking. You want everyone to have a set location where they can store their belongings overnight. That might be in an open benching scenario where people could do activity such as email and low-intensity work in a more social setting. You also want small meeting rooms with digital and physical displays. Also incorporate quiet personal areas, lounges, and cafes.

Community considerations

You want all of your members to feel connected, since coworking is fundamentally about giving people access to each other, comments CoWork.io. You want to have compelling events for your members to get together, and you want them to be able to shift out of the professional setting occasionally so that they are making friends rather than just associates.

Your design partner

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