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Good Design is the Right Solution for Any Office

Good Design is the Right Solution for Any Office

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Finding the right office furniture for any business setting is best achieved by taking into account the entire context. We all know that a chair is for sitting and a desk is for the display and storage of individual office tools and supplies. However, selecting the ideal furniture requires an exploration of the physical needs of employees, characteristics of each office area, and collaborative potential.

By considering those three factors, you can achieve greater success in your search for the right office desk and chair sets, along with other furnishings.

Physical needs of employees & visitors

Furniture designated for visitor areas should be easy to clean and move, lightening the load on your employees. It should also be comfortable.

Office products for your employees become more complicated, due to their extended use. Protecting your employees physically is critical. Chronic pain is the #1 cause of disability in the United States, and pain is often caused by repetitive motions such as typing.

Choose an office desk with a design that is properly suited to your employees. Lifehacker notes that although the average desk is 30 inches high, that height is not optimal for all users. While seated, you should be able to bend your elbows at right angles and easily rest your hands on the desk. Ergonomic chairs are advisable as well.

Characteristics of each area

Also consider how much room you have available for the office products. Careful space planning and interior design will optimize maneuverability and workflow. Natural light isn't just enjoyable: according to a study highlighted in Psychology Today natural light enhances workplace productivity. Be careful not to block windows and to give as many employees access as possible.

Design has a major impact on lighting – both natural and artificial. Many businesses opt for open or shared office environments so that cubicle walls don't limit access to light. However, there is no obvious choice, since privacy can aid focus as well.

Collaborative potential

Many offices have created open office environments to enhance collaboration and, in some cases, improve efficiency – as indicated by Fast Company's comment that an open design reduces overkill with electronic communication. If you are going the open or shared route, make sure that the office furniture you choose fits that type of environment.

Partnering with the best

As you can see, furniture is about context. When you buy office furniture, consider your physical needs, area characteristics, and collaborative potential with each piece. This process can be best achieved working with our team of professionals at Beaux-Arts Group, where we "understand" space.

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