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Great Office Design Tips to Boost Employee Creativity

Great Office Design Tips to Boost Employee Creativity

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Design is not just a matter of determining how something should look. It also involves fostering a meaningful, functional flow and developing a space that leads to innovative ideation. The legendary architect Le Corbusier, a major figure in modernism, once noted that a home is best conceived as “a machine for living.” Perhaps more obviously, smart construction of a workplace understands the office as a machine for working. Creativity must be prioritized if that machine is to perform optimally.

Here are ways that you can provide serious support to creativity through design:

Tip #1 – Involve your team.

Allow your staff to help design their own office or cubicle. You can ask employees to feel free placing personal items in their environments. These external stimuli can often provide fresh air, infusing energy into thought patterns.

Tip #2 – Make use of natural light.

Natural light is beneficial to general wellness and enhances creativity, so you want to leverage your access to this resource. Getting sufficient sunlight prevents sleeping disorders and minimizes stress.

Tip #3 – Create room away from it all.

Sometimes people need to zone in on a project, and the loud hum of an office can be distracting. Setting aside environments that are designated as low-noise allows people to center themselves on big projects. Beyond these focus areas, some firms are now including relaxation spaces, plant-filled rooms where employees can recline with pillows.

Tip #4 – Bring people together for collaboration.

Quiet or relaxation zones are great for the focused work of creativity, but you also need places for people to share and integrate their visions. “Comfortable couches allow for relaxed, non-judgmental teamwork,” said Jonathan Dawes of Management Today, “which is where the best ideas can be generated and shaped.”

Tip #5 – Utilize the insight of color theory.

According to color theory, different hues will have a different impact on mood. Color is particularly critical when you don’t have much access to natural light, explained Emily Suess of Small Business Bonfire. In brief, blues enhance stability, while greens unify and reds boost energy levels. Research this topic to understand the pluses and minuses of your choices.

By acting on the above advice, you can improve creativity in your office while raising morale and lowering stress. Of course, creativity is not the only consideration in office design. At Beaux-Arts Group, we "understand" space; providing answers to complex workplace challenges such as ergonomics, technology, generational differences, corporate identity and regulatory requirements. Learn more.
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