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Home Office Must-Haves

Home Office Must-Haves

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With more people working from home part-time or full-time, the home office is becoming an increasingly important part of modern life. Here are tips, along with furniture and other recommended items to set up an ideal workspace.

Prioritizing the home office Home offices sometimes leave much to be desired. That’s because they often aren’t properly strategized, especially in the era of the laptop. People will work on the couch, surrounded by distractions. Others do have an office, but in a part of the house that is not ideal, such as the basement or even a walk-in closet.

In today’s increasingly mobile world, your efficiency and productivity at home will affect your overall job performance. If you really want to be productive, here are some tips, along with specific “must-have” items for successful telecommuting.

Tip #1 – Picking your spot

Rethink your home. You may not be able to set aside a complete room as an office. However, sometimes it’s possible to convert a little-used room into one. “You could partition off part of a room with a curtain or divider, or clear out a closet,” notes Susan Payton of Forbes. “The point here is that the space should be dedicated to being your office.”

Tip #2 – Beating the piles of papers

It’s difficult to keep your head clear and move forward with tasks when you’re surrounded by disorganization. Set up a filing system for any hard copies. As a counterargument to the above, a study by Kathleen Vohs of the University of Minnesota found there is a strong connection between disorder and creative thought, so hyper-organization may not always be the right choice.

Tip #3 – Injecting nature into your office

Researchers have found that plants are broadly positive both for general mood and for the ability to maintain productivity. Decorate your home office with potted plants, such as cactus, ivy, and peace lilies.

Tip #4 – Outfitting with professional tools

You want to get equipment that is not the low-end home-use variety but intended for professionals. “Investing in long lasting and efficient products like copiers, scanners, and printers will provide technical convenience in the long term and can help to minimize unnecessary stress,” notes Lifehacker.

10 specific must-have items

What do you need in terms of furniture, supplies, and accessories? Here is a top-ten list from Bright Hub: 1. Personal computer 2. Internet access 3. Inkjet or laser printer 4. Phone and fax machine (the latter if necessary for your work) 5. Chair and desk (standing or sit-to-stand recommended) 6. Storage components and bookshelves 7. Trash and recycling bins 8. Whiteboards or bulletin boards 9. Supplies: printer paper, pens, folders, staplers, paper clips, etc. 10. Comfort items such as decorations and a water bottle.

Designing your home office

Do you need help designing your home office? With recent studies on the health dangers of sitting for long hours, a desk that allows standing is particularly worth considering. At Beaux-Arts Group, we offer intelligent design, superior products & exceptional service. Contact a design specialist.
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