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How to Choose the Right Glass for your Office

How to Choose the Right Glass for your Office

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The ability of glass to increase the attractiveness of office buildings is evident in a recent piece by Renee Cocchi. The piece, which features the "25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World," repeatedly mentions the use of glass in architecture. Cocchi praises the Sumner Regional Medical Center (Gallatin, Tennessee) for its "mix of glass and other warm materials" and Hospital Punta Pacifica (Panama City, Panama), where glass and concrete combine to "create beauty near the sea."

Although glass has been used extensively on office exteriors, it also beautifies interiors: glass office tables and desks are frequently used to modernize and expand spaces through natural transparency and reflection.

Glass office furniture – desks vs. alternatives

glass-tableSundari Nashita, writing for interior design site Sitahouse.com notes that the three primary considerations when selecting the right glass piece for your office is how you want it to function. A glass desk, after all, is not the only option. You may want to explore glass curio cabinets –eye-catching storage solutions – additionally or in place of a glass desk. If you already have an office desk, furniture suppliers also recommend glass tops, which can be customized to protect the tops of desks made of high-quality wood.

One other recommendation, from Stefan of interior design blog Homedit.com, is folding glass doors. Stefan recommends their use because they not only add space and style, but present a "clear view of what's happening on the other side."

Color, matching & functionality

Interior decorator Brooke Theresa notes that when it comes to glass office furniture, the answer isn't as clear as you might think. Glass is available in a variety of hues, including amber, green, and pale blue. Theresa also recommends not overthinking compatibility when it comes to glass office tables and desks. In fact, ease of matching is an argument for choosing glass as a central component, allowing for seamless integration with your other furnishings.
Nashita also notes that the type of glass desk should take into account basic employee needs, such as storage and organization. A desk with a raised top and lower surface for storage work well for commercial workstations. You can find them in diverse shapes, such as oblong and kidney, to make a stellar first impression on your clients.

Assistance in finding the best glass for your office

When searching for an interior item such as an office desk, furniture-seeking professionals often don't just want products but expert advice. At Beaux Arts Group, we "understand" space. In fact, we offer a full range of services related to interiors. Contact one of our specialists today so we can help your business make strong design decisions.

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