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Industry Spotlight: Senior Living

Industry Spotlight: Senior Living

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The senior population in the United States is projected to grow incredibly over the next few decades. Designers are uniquely prepared to meet the dynamic needs of older residents. Let’s look at a few current design trends.

Meeting the needs of a growing senior population

Projections on growth of the American elderly population are, simply put, staggering. In 2014, there were 46.3 million people who were 65+ years old. Based on US Census Bureau analysis, the population of seniors is expected to grow to 98.2 million by 2060 – representing 112.2 percent growth.

With that huge change in the basic makeup of our national demographics, a major issue for the next few decades will be having housing for seniors that is comfortable and appealing. That means a substantial portion of the current housing that we have in the country will need to be adapted and that facilities now being built should be prepared to meet the needs of seniors.

The good news for assisted living facilities is that the design industry has adapted to meet the changing healthcare landscape. “Interior designers are uniquely qualified to create supportive, livable environments for older persons that are functional, healthy and safe,” notes the American Society of Interior Designers. “If you are interested in serving this population, you need to know about the needs and wants of this growing market.”

4 prominent senior living design trends

What are the “needs and wants” of the senior population? One of the best places to look is in the trends. Here are five of the most prevalent trends in 2016:

  1. Future-focused adaptability – It’s important that facilities be able to customize environments to meet the tones and requirements of various types of events.
  2. Boutique services – Aspects of design are fundamentally centered around daily services, and these services are in flux. One that’s rapidly changing is dining, with residents wanting an experience that is similar to a restaurant; facilities have started to offer more diverse and elaborate dining options.
  3. Wellness features – Some assisted living facilities now include exercise rooms and health spas, since seniors want to be able to get their workouts within the building. Some facilities even open up their wellness events to the public.
  4. High-end, short-term rehab – Healthcare is obviously a critical element for older adults, but a new trend is that baby boomers sometimes now stay in senior care facilities as they recover from cosmetic surgery. “Communities are finding that these older adults are more interested in hotel- and hospitality-style amenities than are the current residents,” notes McKnight’s Senior Living. “Communities will want to recognize and identify the changes that make the next generation of senior living residents comfortable.”

Products to meet today’s & tomorrow’s needs

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