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Industry Spotlight: Technology

Industry Spotlight: Technology

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Businesses have increasingly become concerned with building environments that prioritize technological connection, particularly in light of the rise of the third platform of computing. A simple tactic is to de-clutter. Beyond that step, we can look at one example solution geared toward the flexibility and connectivity that are now embraced by business.

Connectivity to bring together your people and resources

When you hear the term workplace, you might think simply of a functional environment in which people gather to get things done from 9 to 5. However, an office is actually much more than simply some square feet set aside for business tasks. It is a setting that should express the mission and culture of your company; and it should be integrated with and made more efficient by technological innovations.

People and technologies meeting on the third platform

Furniture makers such as Knoll recognize that they must lead the way in helping businesses meet their needs with furniture that has the same strengths as their technologies – enhancing flexibility and connectivity. Knoll recognizes that it’s important now to consider office design from the standpoint of the third platform (mobile, cloud computing, big data, and social).

Specifically, design should be guided by an effort to bring together three “powers” – physical, social, and electrical. They should also be built for maximum flexibility so that your staff, particularly millennials, are able to move as freely as possible and stay engaged.

Through integration of your employees with your technology and office, you can better embrace what IDC calls the “innovation phase” of the third platform. In fact, says IDC, through design focused on third-platform needs, you can improve “how [you] engage with customers,” “the speed at which [you] deliver products and services,” “how [you] innovate,” and “the reliability of [your] operations.”

Wires out of sight, out of mind

One simple way to improve your office design from a technological standpoint is to get the wires out of the way. Indeed, one of the most primary IT concerns that businesses have when they upgrade their design is to get rid of unnecessary clutter on conference tables and desks. If you have an open floor-plan, it can be especially jarring to look across a room of workstations and see a mess of tablets, computers, wires, papers, and other objects.

Increasingly, furniture manufacturers are releasing products that allow you to conceal laptop cords and any other technological components that can distract from the clean feel of an open office layout.

Example of furniture solution embracing technology: Horsepower

Knoll features a solution from Antenna Design, Horsepower™, as a straightforward way to move forward with today’s technological expectations. Horsepower gives you on-demand mobile power and can be adjusted into a variety of arrangements. You can use “optional seat cushions [to] create an impromptu bench in community spaces and video display, whiteboard and open storage options [to] equip flexible, shared work areas,” Knoll notes, adding that it also enables you to “furnish dynamic open plan environments with hardwired, multi-circuit power, cable management, suspended storage, desk supports, modesty panels and privacy screens.”

Expertise for a strong technological approach

Every organization needs office design that focuses on connectivity and flexibility to compete in today’s ever-evolving business world. At Beaux-Arts Group, we create fluid areas by selecting furnishings best-suited to the workplace needs of today and those of tomorrow.

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