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Keeping The Office Clean For A Healthy Holiday Season

Keeping The Office Clean For A Healthy Holiday Season

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The holiday season can be a hectic time around the office because of year end deadlines, juggling staff and schedules around PTO, holiday observances, and potentially inclement weather, but an essential step to maintaining a calm, productive environment is to keep a clean office and a functional workspace. Besides communication with not only the cleaning crew but also staff about cleanliness, the following are the top tips to keep your company rolling smoothly into the New Year.

Scheduled Sweeps

Nearly every business in operation has distinct hours of operation, and maintenance schedules can be further complicated by holiday closings. Also, your commercial cleaning company will not only be working around your schedule variations, but those of others companies and their own. Speaking with the cleaners, in advance, about changes from your typical routine will help keep your cleaning schedule as close to normal as possible which is important for maintaining a healthy workspace.

Free Up Fridge Space

The end of the season is a fantastic time to free up fridge space that’s become cluttered by leftovers and forgotten foods, and to make room for a deep clean and filter changes. Another benefit to emptying out is for keeping clean surfaces. If the office is closing for any length of time, food left in the fridge could spoil, contaminating surfaces with foodborne pathogens that could cause gastrointestinal conditions or spread the “stomach-flu.” The last thing your company needs after a holiday break is half the office out with Sprite and Saltines.

Take Out The Trash

One area that is often overlooked during the busy holiday season is the removal of refuse. Garbage cans should continue to be emptied at regular intervals. If it’s something the cleaning crew normally maintains, services can be discussed in advance of any scheduling shifts. If it’s something that is taken care of by staff, it’s important that everyone is conscious of getting rid of the garbage before the office is closed for any length of time to maintain a clean office and healthy workspace. Can you imagine returning to the office and the smell of week-old onions and blue cheese from Smith’s tossed leftovers? Neither can we!

Encourage Healthy Habits

Holidays around the office can also mean increased traffic, and more hands to shake can expose you to more germs to fight. Encouraging staff to regularly wash hands and to employ the use of hand sanitizers can keep the common cold from becoming the Grinch that Stole Christmas.

Considering the Creation of a More Functional, Healthy Workspace?

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