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Minimalism, the Office, and You

Minimalism, the Office, and You

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Minimalism is a growing trend. In a country where people have often based their sense of worth on how much stuff they own, the movement toward a simpler lifestyle is a distinct shift, and the benefits are becoming apparent to those who adopt the related techniques. The advantages of minimalism can be gained not only in your personal life, but in your office life too.

Why is Minimalism in the Office Important?

Whether you spend your workdays as part of a small business or a large corporation, minimalism can help you and your employees or colleagues increase productivity and improve concentration. Your workspace affects how you work. A cluttered, unorganized space is a recipe for distraction. Following are some tips and techniques you can use to de-clutter, organize and improve office performance by adopting the principles of minimalism.

  1. Start with your immediate space. What does the top of your desk look like? It should be free of all unnecessary items. These are tools like staplers and hole punches that haven't been used for months or a large number of knick-knacks. Keep only the things you need on a daily basis and reduce the knick-knacks to a single picture or two, or remove them completely.
  2. De-clutter paperwork. These days most paperwork can be done digitally. If it is necessary to have papers on your desk create a single inbox. All new paperwork goes into the inbox and is dealt with on a daily basis. Once a paper has been dealt with, it gets filed or discarded immediately.
  3. Clear your computer desktop. Multiple file icons on the desktop can be distracting. Instead create a folder of the files you use most for easy access.
  4. Eliminate unnecessary electronics. Do you have a fax machine that hasn’t been used all year or a scanner collecting dust? Remove these items from the office or at the very least, move them to a location that is not used for creativity or production on a daily basis.

Color and the Minimalist Office

Experts believe color can affect mood, and therefore productivity at work. If your walls are full of visual clutter it’s time to organize. Informational posters and other displays can be put into a break room or other space that is not used for work related tasks. A few simple color combinations on the walls and in the furniture can help create a stress-free, creative work environment.

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