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Shape the Beauty of Your Office with Stylish Interior Design

Shape the Beauty of Your Office with Stylish Interior Design

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Many people think that when considering interior design, furniture is the only critical component – places for people to sit and to store supplies. However, the layout of office space plays a far more sophisticated role in a business than many realize. In fact, interior design is critical to the efficiency of workflow and the sustainability of the structure. Furthermore, the beauty of the office can raise employee morale, enhance the client experience, and brand a company as inspirational and forward-thinking.

Furthermore, all aspects of your office interior design should function as pieces of an integrated whole. As argued by one designer, "every component... should work together [to increase] the aesthetic value." That perspective is shared by the technology companies of Silicon Valley. In the 90s these companies became famous for their unique and childlike sensibilities, expressed by features such as playground slides to descend from one floor to another.

Today Silicon Valley's top companies remain trendsetters in interior design, but they are moving in more pragmatic directions, with open offices espoused for their collaborative potential.

Modern design furniture & environments: Facebook, eBay & Google

Architecture and interior design blog Decoist recently covered several of the most noteworthy office interiors in Silicon Valley. As would be expected from their cutting-edge profiles, three of the companies featured were Facebook, eBay, and Google.



One of the most striking features of Facebook headquarters is that they coordinated the office interior design so that perimeter offices could jut beyond the outside wall of the structure, creating better visibility from the windows. Most of the furniture in the office is white, but that is contrasted with vibrantly colored walls of various hues. One example is a squash-orange conference room in the center of a large, high-ceilinged open space.



The online auction mega-retailer eBay is similarly striking with its design, taking a laid-back and creative approach. Three of the most interesting design elements are the following:

  • A communal space with orange walls and a series of shelves, showcasing no less than 121 PEZ candy dispensers;
  • A Project Lounge in a light-green motif, to ease the mind when working on deadlines; and
  • Modern design furniture including enclosed couches in dark pink, for private comfort away from the desk.



Finally, Google features a sleek, industrial look, with exposed HVAC ducts and rafters in many areas. Bold coloration is also the norm. Both cubicles and offices are fully windowed so that employees can simultaneously experience privacy and transparency, again embodying the "open" approach that has become the norm in the Valley.



Crafting your office space with the right furniture

It's inspiring to look at companies such as the tech giants in Silicon Valley to get ideas on how to develop workspace interiors in captivating ways. The approaches listed above may not be quite right for your business, but making stylish choices can help foster the right impressions. Beaux-Arts Group can provide guidance to properly communicate your organization's image through furnishings.

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