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Small Changes Can Mean Big Business in 2017

Small Changes Can Mean Big Business in 2017

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The New Year holiday is full of promise for a fresh start in the upcoming year, and there’s no better time for looking forward and for making the improvements to both your personal and professional environments that you may have been putting off. Whether year-end projects have had little impact on your workspace flow or the office is a bit of a train wreck right now, creating a functional, healthy work environment can only pave the way for big business in 2017.

Going Green Is the New Black

Sustainability isn’t just a current buzzword, saving the environment has become a way of life, and that needs to include your time at the office. Today’s employees like to feel like they’re making a difference in protecting the environment. Simple changes like using energy-efficient lighting, implementing automatic thermostat control, using recycling bins for paper waste and in break rooms for consumables, and condensing delivery orders to save on packaging and emissions are all recommended by the US. Small Business Administration as impactful differences you can make to create a healthier office space. Also, considering investment in an on-demand water filtration system can reduce the use of disposable bottles and encourage staff to bring their own containers.

Free Space

Employees’ productivity only increases when they have a healthy work environment. Factors like ceiling height and access to natural light through windows can have large impacts on mood. Also, letting staff customize their personal work spaces is a small concession that can have big returns in morale. Finally, soliciting input from your group on beneficial changes to make in common areas can make your business flow better and save money in the long run.

Less Can Be More

With the open office floor plan maintaining its foothold in modern design and the implementation of mobile technology in many businesses, real estate requirements per employee are lower than in the past. This can result in reduced costs and also the ability to use community space in more flexible ways. Consider converting lesser used areas into lounge spaces with comfortable seating for work, play, brainstorming, and conferencing.

Bend To Avoid Breaking

Another way to increase staff productivity and satisfaction is the reconsideration of stodgy, outdated policies and requirements to help employees feel that being human in the business world is okay. According to Gallup, the cost of low employee morale is upwards of $300 billion in lost productivity every year, not to mention its impact on customer relations, innovation, retention, and internal conflict. Taking a good, hard look at the rules and expectations in place may open your eyes to the benefits of flexibility in developing the company culture you envision. Can employees work a couple longer days to accrue their full time hours and get an extra day off during the week? Can the same weekly goals be accomplished with a day or two of working at home? Do you encourage regular breaks, stand up desks, or even walking meetings to keep employees healthy and to keep ideas flowing? A healthy work environment will be one where the needs and desires of staff for some freedom in determining how best to meet your expectations is considered.

Need Direction for The New Year?

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