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Small Office, Big Design

Small Office, Big Design

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With commercial real estate prices incredibly high in many cities, companies want to do more with less square footage by making the most of space. How can you make the most of the space in your small office? Here are five ways to improve your use of space, along with three space-saving design elements.

5 Tiny Office Solutions

1. Let the light shine.

Make sure that your workers are getting as much access as possible to natural sunlight. Recent studies have shown that exposure to daylight increases happiness and productivity. Move desks to face windows as possible.

Strike a careful balance: make sure there is enough room between desks for people to be able to move freely. It shouldn’t feel cramped.

2. Connect furniture & style with culture

Remember that the design of your office should not just be about saving space but about creating a physical extension of your company’s brand, suggests David Spence of OfficeSpace. “Especially if you have a small space, little touches can make your workers feel more comfortable in what room they do have,” he says.

3. Build in versatility

If your employees are primarily working on their own, it’s a good idea to include small spaces in your floor plan that allow people to have small meetings and discussions. These collaborative areas help enhance creativity by giving people more physical freedom.

You might also consider having employees each work from home one or two days per week. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 20-25% of Americans were regularly working from home in 2014.

4. Be tidy.

Another way smaller companies are making the most of space is by keeping their offices tidy and clean, since clutter can become amplified in tighter settings.

5. Purchase furniture that is durable and that won’t cause back pain.

Be careful about underspending on furniture, even if you are a startup, warns Spence. Remember that your workers will be spending long hours in those chairs, and you want them to be energized throughout the day.

3 Office Space-Savers

You really do want to make certain that you pay attention to the workspace if you want to retain employees, comments Alina Vrabie of Sandglaz. In fact, a recent study found that 79% of employees said their work atmosphere was impacting how they felt about their job.

Here are three recommendations so that you can optimize the space of your physical office while enhancing its agility and user-friendliness.

  1. Desk layout – Simply by rearranging the desks, you can greatly improve the productivity of your employees. Examples include paired islands, assembly line, block seating, and bullpen.
  2. Focal points – You want centerpieces that enhance collaboration. Three simple ones to introduce to a small office that’s tight on space are a whiteboard on the wall, a roundtable adjacent to the desks for relaxed discussion, and a large monitor, mounted near the ceiling.
  3. Agility – Again, flexibility is essential in small environments. If there isn’t room for a roundtable, consider a standing table that collapses. Vrabie notes that movable desks can be a strong choice too. “Embraced by business accelerators and start-ups alike, the mobile desk means working with whomever you want, whenever you want,” she says.

Intelligent design for your office

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