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Tips for Buying Luxury Office Furniture

Tips for Buying Luxury Office Furniture

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The space planning of your office interior is critical to maintaining employee morale and making strong impressions on visitors. With your workforce, quality furniture and thoughtful space design provide a more livable atmosphere in which to spend 40 hours a week. With your guests, the environmental aspect of your business serves as a "best foot forward" of your branding, similar to the layout of your homepage.

Stay organized

James Bucki, Genesee Community College's Director of Computing Technology, knows what it's like to set up an office, noting that office furniture represents "the first in a series of large purchases that you will make for your business." Bucki recommends keeping all items organized within a single spreadsheet, consisting of four columns:

  • the spaces in your office;
  • the various items within each space;
  • the number you need of each item; and
  • the prices (once you know them).

A spreadsheet will help you stay within your budget or recognize if it needs tweaking.

barcelona chairSelect furniture that fits your office

Once you are properly prepared, the actual buying process begins. Carrie Smith of the entrepreneurial blog Careful Cents lists four basic considerations when selecting luxury office furniture:

1. Comfort is your top priority.

Just like with clothing, never forget that the office furniture you choose is not just about appearance and function, but comfort. Ergonomic design, especially with chairs, can prevent the development of chronic pain. Comfort is not just physical, but mental. Make sure desks have enough drawers so that clutter can be limited on the top.

2. Pay attention to fabric.

Choose material for your office furniture that is easy to clean in areas that are more public and more likely sites for spills. Smith specifically recommends mesh for extended-use employee furniture to enhance comfort, but she suggests vinyl for chairs in communal areas, where cleaning may trump long-range comfort.

3. Think about flexibility and your five-year plan.

When you select component parts of your office interior, bear in mind adaptability and the future. Think about the potential need to rearrange the office and whether the furniture you choose might work in other rooms as well. You also ideally want furnishings that are easy to transport, in case you move everything to a new address. One final mobility consideration is whether you want wheels on chairs and desks.

4. Make sure that everything fits.

Finally, be certain that any furniture you choose can be used by a wide range of body types – at least items that might be used by multiple people. Look at furnishings in terms of users who are particularly short, tall, or overweight.

Buying luxury office furniture requires a healthy amount of care, as the above advice demonstrates. Professional consultation from a company that "understands" space and has diverse experience can ensure your office interior comfortably matches your business image.

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